2012.04.11 // Next Tour

Leaving tomorrow for my next tour with The Plastic Revolution! We'll be traveling up the whole West coast and back from April 12th through April 29th, so if you're on the coast and want to see me, chances are that I'm in your neck of the woods! Get in touch with me via the contact page above! :)

2012.03.18 // Back Home

Back in San Diego and loving it. Thanks to Kyle, Annie, Mackenzie, Taco, and everyone else on the road who gave me a floor to sleep on! Made the entire trip a lot more fun! I'll be back on the road again in April, so if you're along my path, heads up! Headed into the studio for a week to track some bass and guitar for a few bands. Check back soon for info!

2012.03.10 // On the Road Again!

Hanging out in Colorado for the night! Tour's been fun so far and I've been seeing a ton of old friends! Check out The Plastic Revolution when you get a chance! I'm still online and working from the road, so if you've got a design or programming project or need, contact me and let's have some fun!

2012.02.14 // Touring Season

Starting this weekend and continuing through April, I'll be heading out on a series of small tours as the touring bassist for The Plastic Revolution. I'll also be re-joining Gunpowder Sunset as a touring bassist starting in May and continuing through the Summer. I'm coming to a town near you, so check the links above for scheduling information and come see me!

As always, I'll be taking my graphic and web programming work on the road with me, so don't be shy if you need work done! :)

2012.02.12 // Availability Calendar!

Glance to the right and check out the brand new Availability section of my homepage! If you're interested in booking time with me for ANYTHING - recording session, tour dates, fill-in spot musician (show or otherwise), sound or production consultation, etc - double check that I'm available first! Things have gotten pretty busy in the last month (read: insane), but I'd still love to be a part of your project in any way you need! As always, contact me for booking or questions about the dates you see! :)
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My schedule for the next three months. Booked dates may be partial, so double check with me if you're unsure.
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