2012.02.11 // You Know You're a Gear Junkie when...

...you set foot into a studio with nearly half a million dollars worth of vintage gear and somehow still know everything about most of the gear you've never touched. Tracking bass today for So Long Davey at Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, CA! Some big records have come out of this place, and they have some INCREDIBLE gear. Stoked!

2012.02.01 // Back in the Studio

Tracked three songs for The Calefaction's upcoming EP release entitled "The Whales of Pearl Peak, Part I" this weekend! The new Mesa bass amp tracked like a champ, and the songs came out awesome. Look for the EP this March!

2012.01.24 // Last-Minute Sessions

I'll be filling in on bass for my friends The Calefaction on Friday at The Epicentre in Mira Mesa. Be sure to check them out, and come by the show if you're free! Also, if you need a spot musician for an upcoming show or recording session, I'd love to help out! Contact me for more information!

2012.01.03 // Happy New Year!

Welcome to another new year, everyone! I had a great 2011 and I'm looking forward to a lot of interesting new projects and ventures in 2012! I recently launched the Music Mart Online website, so head on over there and take a look when you get a chance! Also working on a handful of awesome sites for some local artists and performers. Keep watch for some great new stuff!

2011.12.20 // Merry Christmas! It's almost 2012!

This year flew by! Things are looking great to start the new year doing web and graphic work for everyone, and launching Clarity Recordings in January! Been building baffles and isolation boxes all week. Looking forward to start on a fresh adventure in 2012! Contact me for programming and graphic work, or to talk about booking sessions with Clarity Recordings in January and beyond! :)
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