2011.12.03 // New Recording Gear

Picked up a couple of fun new mics and a few effects this weekend. A pair of Sennheiser e-Series mics, a new tremolo pedal, and a Fulltone Full Drive 2, which sounds incredible in front of a single channel tube amp. Experimenting with tone is something I absolutely LOVE to do, so contact me and schedule something! Let's find your unique tone and make your demos or album sound great!

2011.11.20 // Clarity Recordings

If you haven't heard by now, I've been working hard over the last couple months on a home recording studio to rival the professional studios in quality while offering killer rates. I spent this last weekend recording a new San Diego band called Sidestreets. Great guys, fun music, and I had a great time tracking them. Clips posted in a couple weeks when we're done mixing!

If you're interested in recording a demo or an EP with me and my intense collection of gear, head over to my Facebook page at facebook.com/clarityrecordings and leave me a message! Full-time booking starting January 1st with extremely competitive rates!

2011.11.04 // Recent Work: Domino's Pizza

Just wrapped up the newly redesigned Domino's Pizza of San Diego website! This site features branch information for all local Domino's and also houses info about franchise ownership and fundraising for local charities and non-profit events. Check it out!

2011.10.31 // Happy Halloween!

Hope you're all having an awesome holiday season. It gets hectic from here on out, so enjoy the slow start! I've been busy working on new sites for Domino's Pizza of San Diego and Music Mart Online. They'll be live soon, so check them out when you get a chance! As always, you know where to find me if you need killer work for affordable rates. :)

2011.09.23 // Recent Work: Fearless Records

A few weeks ago, Fearless Records approached me and asked me to design and code a couple Tumblr sites for them. The results are the Fearless Friends Tour and the Punk Goes Pop 4 sites. I had a lot of fun making them, and enjoyed the opportunity! Have a couple big sites in the works. Check back soon for more updates!
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