2017.08.21 // Non-Stop Action

Whoops! Been a minute since we updated! Clarity has been SLAMMED this Summer. (That's a good thing!) Half a dozen EPs, a pair of full-lengths, and a TON of singles have been coming through our doors. We're extremely happy with the work, and keeping on top of all of it has been a blast!

We've had the pleasure of working with Nowhere Safe, From Chaos & Heaven, Justin Linn, Wes Maharas, Pat Hilton, Johan Malo, Tommy Traina, and Short Stories all summer long.

We're keeping things tight, working on new releases with Monica Petruzelli, BJ Jezbera, The Bet, Malaysian Bat Experience, Stereo Summer, Reformations, and Malison through this month and next month!

Somehow, despite relentless booking, we've also managed to re-organize and renovate the ENTIRE live area. Clean and clear with a fresh coat of paint on all walls, and brand new acoustic treatment installed to make this place feel even more at home for the bands who trust us to bring their sound to the world.

The studio is flourishing and we've got all of you to thank. The support has been nothing short of overwhelming. Thank you! Let's keep it growing and make it even louder! ;)

If you see even the smallest opening in our schedule to the right, contact us and make it yours. Let's make some music together. <3

2017.01.30 // It's Electric!

Things are picking up steam at Clarity in the new year. We're at the end of our busiest January EVER, which is very exciting for us! Always growing and expanding, and always wanting to stay loud! Perpetual studio work is something we crave, so let's keep that trend going!

January saw two new releases tracked, mixed, and mastered entirely at Clarity. Color Til Monday's "Make Your Mark" and The Wild Young Hearts' "Hoodlums" are now available on various digital providers! Give their Facebook pages a visit and support a couple of hardworking artists!

We've just begun work on a new full-length with alternative-indie locals Electric Enzymes, and we're still picking away at some new tracks with Steal Away. The schedule is wide open until the third week of February, so let's get to making some musics!

2017.01.03 // Happy 2017! Let's party?

It's going to be a loud new year! We're entering our fourth full year of studio work at Clarity! To celebrate, in the coming months we'll be upgrading our interface, purchasing a couple more high-end pres, and upgrading our mic collection! The schedule is CRAZY for January, but we've got some time open, so if you're interested in making awesome tunes for next to nothing, get in touch with us ASAP and secure those open dates!

We've kicked off the month (already) with the finishing touches on the new Wild Young Hearts full-length "Hoodlums" - this was a fun one, and we're looking forward to seeing it out in the wild!

Also "in the wild" is Short Stories new EP! "Theoria" hits online services tomorrow, January 4th! Both of these releases were 100% tracked, engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered at Clarity, and we're extremely proud of them. :)

Our good friend Monica Petruzzelli tracked a going-away EP as she leaves us for Northern California. Good luck at your new job! Her voice will grace your ears in the coming weeks as well! More info when we get it!

Last but not least, we've got Man of Words and Steal Away on the books for studio time this month, and we'd love to add your name to that list.

We'll be floating around at NAMM for a few days from January 19th - 22nd! Come find us near the recording gear and say hi!

2016.12.12 // Holy Crazy Upgrades, Batman!

We've been taking full advantage of holiday sales and went a little crazy!

This month, we added a pair of Warm Audio TB12 preamps to the mix! These preamps are clones of the fabeled API 312, only with a ton of mod-inspired options added to the signal paths, switchable on the fly. We're VERY excited to get these into the rotation on upcoming recordings! In addition to the pres, we also picked up a pair of Warm Audio EQP-WA tube EQ units, which are based on classic Pultec tube EQs. The warmth of tube tone is pretty hard to beat, and analog warmth is very much alive at Clarity! But wait... there's more! We've upgraded our monitor section with a set of Presonus Eris E66s! It's getting very loud (and focused) in here!

We're constantly improving our setup here, and we'd love to get you in to help you make some killer recordings without destroying your wallet. Interested? Contact us and let's set something up!

2016.11.25 // Black Friday Specials

Hope you're having an excellent Thanksgiving! We're offering up Black Friday specials from November 25th - November 30th! Check them out:

Track two full-band songs for $300. Includes full tracking, vocal production, mix and master! Price valid if paid in full by November 30th!

Track a five-song EP for $800! Includes full tracking and production input, complete vocal production, full mix and master for all five songs! Price valid if a 50% deposit is made before November 30th!

Tracking time is getting tighter quicker as of late! We'd love to get you in, and especially at these discounted rates! Get in touch with us and let's make something happen!
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