2015.04.25 // Alive & Well

Next week, Alive & Well is headed out of town to track a five-song EP with Beau Burchell. He's done some killer work with Name Taken, The Bronx, Underoath, and From First to Last, and of course his own project, Saosin. It's always exciting to get in the studio with another engineer and observe how they do things, and Beau's got a great resume, so this is extra special. I'll be back after May 5th, so let's book some more time!

2014.10.03 // Projects & Gear

Been a quick minute since we updated, so here's what we've been up to!

August and September saw us doing pre-production for two separate full- lengths that we're embarking on in November with Alive & Well and Everybody Knows. The Calefaction is also mid-process for their new full-length album. It's been a busy couple months.

We also wrapped up mastering on an EP with The ShyFox and our new friends Condor, an atmospheric instrumental two-piece band from San Diego. Insane sounds!

Gear wise, new additions have slowed a bit, but we've acquired a Celestion Greenback loaded Mesa Boogie 4x12 that screams. We also picked up a Vox DelayLab for some crazy atmosphere and background tones, and snagged a new vocal mic in the form of a Rode NTK. Upgraded tube and a pristine power transformer. Awesome deal.

Party time? We think so. Hit us up to record in November or December!

2014.08.04 // Fender Special Run

Picked up a pair of Fender FSR Telecasters this last week. One is a 2012 Telecaster Standard in Swirl Blue. Pretty crazy paint job, looks like a bowling ball mated with a Nashville Tele. The other is a 2011 Telecaster Deluxe '72 RI in Gold Flake. Much like the Aqua Flake we've already got, but this one just screamed our name until I was "forced" to buy it. They're both set up with killer action and intonated to perfection. Use them on your next recording at Clarity!

2014.07.19 // Mixing the Days Away

A couple long mixing sessions and The ShyFox's new EP "Beneath the Beach Tree" is headed out for duplication! Little known fact: Clarity also offers in-house graphic design for album art and merchandise! We've had a hand in a few pieces for The ShyFox, City Reef, Everybody Knows, and dozens of other local bands. Looking for anything at all? We can help. :)

2014.07.07 // San Jose: Game Time!

I'll be out of town again this weekend for the annual California Extreme Retro Gaming Expo. Can't really argue with a weekend-long expo with a convention center FULL of retro arcade machines set to free play! I'll be away from the studio July 10-14th. Road trips are king. Let's make some music when I get back? :)
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