2019.07.12 // San Diego Summer

We're entering the Summer months here at Clarity, and things are hotter than ever.

First things first, we've added several new pedal options to the arsenal, mainly in the form of reverb and modulation effects! New selections from Walrus Audio, Old Blood Noise, TC Electronic, and JHS Pedals are available for your tone shaping enjoyment.

We also added an Evertune-equipped ESP LTD TE-1000 and a Fender Jazzmaster to the racks of our ever-expanding collection. First Jazzmaster, and it may start a new collection trend. Who knows!

In the studio at the moment, we're wrapping up two full-lengths with <a href="https://barbaroi.bandcamp.com/" target="_ext">Barbaroi</a> and <a href="http://www.facebook.com/wesmaharas" target="_ext">Wes Maharas</a>, we're laying down the last few tracking sessions for the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/MonarchThrash/" target="_ext">Monarch</a> full-length, and we're also completely wrapped up with EPs from <a href="https://www.facebook.com/ifonlyca" target="_ext">If Only</a> and <a href="http://www.facebook.com/NickandElijah" target="_ext">Hollow Kings</a> as well as a handful of singles that are hitting the interwebs in the coming weeks! It's been a VERY productive couple months!

In August, we'll be kicking off new projects with <a href="https://www.facebook.com/lostdakota/" target="_ext">Lost Dakota</a>, <a href="http://www.instagram.com/johanmalo_" target="_ext">Johan Malo</a>, and James Fisher (on his yet-to-be-named prog-ish project)!

Let's not stop there. <a href="/contact/">Contact us to hit the studio and get weird with us.</a>

2019.05.21 // Staying Hot

In early April, we scheduled a couple days of "downtime" to do some massive work to our live area. The resulting remodel has nearly doubled our space the completely overhauled look feels incredible and cohesive with our upgraded control room. Stop by and check it out!

Since then, we've been virtually non-stop with a ton of great new artists.

This month, releases from Jeffrey Lee and Fear the Lions have made their way into the world, we're currently wrapping up releases with The Industry, Retra, Barbaroi, and Hollow Kings!

We've just started work on If Only's debut EP and Monarch's second full-length album!

Next month we'll be kicking off with new music from Cody Zervas, Imagery Machine (they're back!), Future Human, and another batch of songs with Barbaroi.

Booking is in full-effect for July, August, and beyond! Let's make some noise together! :)

2018.12.01 // The Holiday Season

The 2018 holidays are in full swing and cruising right on by.

We're currently working on some excellent new music with Dylan Burcombe, No Signal, Retra, Wes Maharas, and The Dangerfield - tracking, mixing, and mastering the rest of the year away!

We've also started to venture into the world of film and television, and have been working closely with a couple of local production houses to mix for their web and TV products. Super excited for this new avenue!

There's a ton of open time in January and February, even with a couple EPs and a full-length in the pipeline for the early months. (More on those next month!)

Book some time today and let's make your music come to life. :)

2018.06.05 // Off to the Races

Wow! Our humble little studio has really hit a full-stride over the last few months!

This month, we're cranking out the jams with several independent projects as well as collaborating with a couple of local producers who need more of the live element in their tracks! Drum production with Keoki Lanza and the boys in Frontside, guitars and keys/layers with James Bohardt, the next full-production monthly tunes with Imagery Machine, a handful of new songs from our friends in The Naked I, and pre-production & songwriting for the new Wes Maharas full-length!

As we move forward into the next two months, we're currently slammed with virtually zero dates free through the end of July. That said, we're still VERY interested in working with everyone we can! August and September are booking now, and we'd love to get you in the studio, so contact us ASAP to get first choice on tracking days for those months!

2018.04.10 // Jam City

It's April and we're still crazy busy! It's been a non-stop adventure all year long, and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

This month we kicked off two new EPs, one of which will remain anonymous for the time being, and a soul-pop record with James Bohardt. We're also wrapping up EPs with Quel Bordel, Great Northern, and Toylit, and putting the finishing touches on Pat Hilton's long-awaited debut full-length.

Are we busy? You bet. We've still got a handful of weekdays open at the end of the month, and May is currently wide open, though we're waiting on several projects to confirm dates.

Need some recording time? BOOK NOW. Time fills up lightning quick these days, and if you need weekends, book them the second you see something that you want open. We cannot guarantee ANYTHING will remain open this year. It's been that insane, and we love it! :)
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