2014.06.26 // That Fender Chime

The amp collection continues to grow at Clarity. Picked up an American made '93 Fender Blues DeVille today! She's a little dusty, and needs a couple spots scrubbed out, but the tubes are pristine and she gets loud as hell. Need some Fender chime on your next album? She's the one.

2014.05.22 // Crafted in Japan

The Telecaster collection continues to grow. Just added a killer 1995 Fender Telecaster Thinline, Crafted in Japan. Super clean TV Jones Classic pickups, upgraded bridge. This things sings and does it with a ton of clarity, which, as you all know, we love. Use it on your next recording here at Clarity! :)

2014.05.06 // Beneath the Beach Tree

This week, The ShyFox is headed in to start on a brand new EP. Seven songs of alternative and pop folky goodness. Look for that sometime in June. I'll also be track another song with City Reef towards the end of the month, and have some sweet new gear on the way soon!

2014.04.24 // In and Out

Earlier this week, Cory Crummel stopped by and knocked out a quick three-song acoustic EP! Samples updated this weekend with some new stuff from a handful of projects we've finished recently, and if you're not too busy this Friday night, swing by Epicentre in San Diego and catch Cory's set. He'll be playing everything he tracked and more!

2014.04.16 // Everybody Knows

One of our biggest projects to date is finally out in the world!

Everybody Knows has finally released their debut full-length album! "Voyager" is a 12-song journey in post-rock and alternative rock and is the largest project we've ever had a hand in. Check it out via their Facebook page or take a listen to the entire thing and even purchase it on their BandCamp site.

We've got City Reef and The ShyFox headed in later this month for some fun! Keep your ears open!
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