2013.06.01 // Debut EK Show / Studio Work

The debut show for my new project, Everybody Knows, is just around the corner on June 15th at SOMA. Extremely excited to be sharing this project with the world, so come out and give it a shot. You might enjoy it! ;)

Wrapping up a recording with Within Ourselves in the next couple weeks, and getting started on tracking for new demos with The Calefaction too! New microphones and hopefully some new amps on the way in.

Things are heating up. Maybe it's Summer?

2013.05.20 // New Artwork & Recordings

Hey everyone! I've been super busy with artists coming through Clarity Recordings, and it's been a blast. I somehow also found time to pump out a handful of new merch designs for a couple bands locally, and also finish up album art for two releases.

The first is a new EP from Plane Without a Pilot called Illuminate. Head over to their Facebook and take a look when you get a second. Clarity also had a minor role in doing some lead guitar tones on the album. T'was quite the romp.

Also wrapped up a last minute digi-pak design for a local electronica band called Alpha Channel. All analog synths and drum machines and self-recorded. Pretty intense album. They're also from Saturn. The planet. They like to party here on earth. Give their album a listen on BandCamp and check them out at shows in San Diego and all up the West Coast!

I'll be in the studio for the rest of the month with Buttons and Stereo Summer, so look for new music on the Clarity Recordings Facebook page soon!

2013.04.09 // Everybody Knows

If you've been keeping up on my news, you know that I've been tracking with a new project called Everybody Knows. This is my new personal project and something I'm investing a lot of myself in, both in songwriting and production, and I'd love it if you'd take a listen. Like us on Facebook, and wherever really. Pretty much on every major social network there is. We've posted two songs so far! You can find them here: www.facebook.com/everybodyknowsmusic

2013.03.25 // New Gear

Picked up some neat vintage gear this month!

First up, an '81 Gibson Sonex 180 Deluxe in Pewter finish. Gorgeous finish, virtually no flaking, and entirely original hardware and pickups. A rare find since this guitar was considered Gibson's thrasher model for rockers throughout the 80's. Heavy as hell though!

I also came into an '84 Marshall Lead 100 MOSFET. This was Marshall's first real crack at a non-tube head, and it screams. Considered the holy grail of high gain solid state amps, it sounds on par with a cranked JCM800 when you dime the channel volume. Amazing tone for an amazing price. I got lucky on this one.

Next month I'll be picking up a new set of Audix mics and getting some new acoustic treatment for my live tracking space. Excited to get recording with a couple new bands! I've got Crosswalk Heroes coming in, and Everybody Knows will be wrapping up some more of their EP!

As always, contact me to get started on your next recording! :)

2013.03.07 // March Madness

My studio, Clarity Recordings, will be running a special this month on recording! $100/song for the month of March only! Get in while I've got time open! I've already booked five days, and this special was announced yesterday!

I'll be putting the finishing touches on The Blue Suns live stuff this month, and I've got JT Stenbeck heading in to work on some new solo material. Excited to have some fun!
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