2013.02.01 // February already?

This month I'll be wrapping up a collection of live recordings for The Blue Suns and getting started on pre-production with a new San Diego band called Everybody Knows. I'm wide open for tracking and production, so get in touch with me and let's make some music!

2013.01.10 // Happy New Year, eh!

Back from Canada and in full swing already. I'll be tracking with The Blue Suns and Stereo Summer this month, and wrapping up production and mastering on The Calefaction's new EP "Whales Pt. 2: Tomorrowland" just in time for their CD release show on January 25th at SOMA San Diego. You can catch me playing that night as well!

I'll also be performing Thursdays and select Sundays at Jimmy Love's downtown from now until mid-March with gypsy-punk and folk quintet Quel Bordel. Drunken singalongs and wandering basslines all night long.

Keep checking back for more updates on what I'm doing and for availability. I'd love to record your next album. Let's make that happen. :)

2012.12.15 // Happy holidays! It's loud in here!

Holiday season is in full swing and I've logged a good 100+ hours in Pro Tools this month alone. Tons of mixing work coming through, and even some mastering fun.

Wrapping up The Calefaction's new EP in January, and starting work on new recordings for Dresden's Burning, The Blue Suns, Smarter Than Robots, Wolf Bitch, and Buttons. If you're keeping score at home, that's a busy month for an independent studio, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This is what I love to do, and I'm lucky as hell to be doing it.

Side note: I'll be unavailable by phone / texting from December 26th through January 9th as I'll be out of the country. Exploring the Great White North for the first time! California boys and cold weather generally don't mix, so this should be interesting.

Looking forward to working with new artists in 2013! Going to be a GREAT year! :)

2012.11.22 // Turkey & Studio Work

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll be celebrating with a massive shindig at my parents' place, working round the clock on tracking and mixing up until and immediately after festivities involving too much turkey. December is looking jam packed and I'm looking forward to getting some new samples up.

Recording schedule is wide open for 2013! I'd love to work with pretty much everyone, so let's make some music, shall we? Hit the contact page and send me a message! :)

2012.11.01 // Happy November!

Last minute show tonight at The Ruby Room in San Diego. I'll be playing a double set with The Calefaction and immediately afterwards with Stereo Summer. If you've ever wanted to see an endurance test, come see this show!

Later this month I've got The Calefaction in the studio to start their new EP and Smarter Than Robots coming in to do some pre-production demos. They'll be back in January to start an EP as well! Party!
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