2012.10.03 // Shows & Updates

Busy month! I'll be rocking San Diego stages a bunch of times this month with several different bands. So Long Davey this week, Stereo Summer next week, and The Calefaction the week after that! A few more at the end of the month! If you're interested in coming out, check out all of those bands on Facebook and come grab a drink and say hello! :)

Also, recording arsenal is (still) growing. Two new guitars and a handful of new analog pedals with which I shall make creepy new sounds. If you want to track with me, or need some songwriting assistance, I'd love to be a part of the fun. Hit me up!

2012.09.03 // Mini-Tour Action

I'll be on tour through out Arizona this week with a band called Shining Through! Got the call Saturday, learned their set Sunday, and now we're ready to rock Arizona and Nevada into oblivion. Great dudes and great music. Hopefully I'll see a few of your familiar faces out there? :)

2012.08.12 // Tracy Johnson

Just wrapped up some killer album art for acoustic artist Tracy Johnson. I'm really pleased with the way the colors came out, and it looks even better in person. Give her a like on Facebook when you get a chance!

2012.08.08 // Seriously Serious

Tracked a new single, entitled "So Serious," for The Calefaction over the weekend! First time tracking vocals at the new location. Had a lot of fun with the song! Check it out on Facebook!

2012.07.13 // The Princess is in Another Castle

Princess Die is coming into the studio on Monday for a three day block to track their first demos. Excited to play with the new microphones and explore the wondrous world that is tracking drums. I'll be posting audio clips to the Clarity Recordings Facebook page as soon as they're ready to rock! :)
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